Top 5 of the Best Sunrise Spots in Japan

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In Japan, culturally, it is believed that a kami (deity or spirit) resides in mountains, oceans and all things related to nature. It is also believed that Toshigami (a Shinto deity of the new year) is present during the first sunrise of each year. Worshipping the first sunrise is equivalent to praying for the harvest and happiness for the entire year. Therefore, many people will try to see the sunrise in the most beautiful and scenic locations around Japan.

Sky Tree

Tokyo Skytree, a landmark in Tokyo, is the tallest building in Japan and has a large shopping complex and aquarium.



Asakusa (浅草), on the East side of Tokyo, is an area known as “Shitamachi” (literally meaning “low city”), where historically were inhabited by artisans and merchants in the feudal period.