Adventurous Japanese Food Tour



  • When people think of Japanese food, they normally think of sushi, ramen, tempura, udon, kare raisu (rice with curry) and the like, but there are other Japanese delicacies that are popular and common to locals that many who visit Japan may never try.
  • In this 2.5 hour food tour, embark on a memorable food adventure with a small group guided by an English-speaking tour guide and, most importantly, a local foodie. Guests will weave through the crowded streets of Ginza, and visit restaurants serving local delicacies that are not for the weak-stomached, such as blowfish (fugu), horse meat, and more, along with traditional foods such as sushi and yakitori.
  • While many people can say they have had the best ramen and sushi in town (some of which you will try in this tour), you will also be able to say hat you’ve had by far the most interesting and adventurous food in Tokyo!

  Availability: Every day, except holidays (from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM)

 Location: Ginza Station, Tokyo.


2+ People in a Group (minimum of 2 people per booking):

  • Standard tour: 11,500 JPY per person 
  • Private tour: 17,500 JPY per person 
  • Standard tour + Whisky: 23,500 JPY per person
  • Private tour + Whisky: 29,500 JPY per person
  • Whisky Tasting will take place immediately after the Adventurous Food Tour around 2 hours

1 Person (supplementary cost included): 

  • Private tour: 22,000 JPY per person
  • Private tour + Whisky: 34,000 JPY per person


  • All taxes, fees and handling charges
  • Japanese food tasting
  • Local guide
  • Small group tour


  • Whisky tasting add-on (if selected optional)
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (available to purchase)
  • Gratuities (optional)
  • Transportation to/from attractions

Additional Information

Age Requirement

This tour is for guests 10 years and older (all guests must be accompanied by an adult that is 18 years or older). Adults are responsible for dietary requirements of younger guests in the group, as well as their own dietary needs.

Private Tour

A private tour is available for booking. Guests may experience this unique tour with just their tour guide (not in a small group setting). Please note, however, that the Whisky Tasting (if selected, option), may have other guests. If you would like a private Whisky Tasting tour, please contact us.

Establishments with Smoking

Some establishments in Tokyo will allow smoking, and is out of our control. Please bring a facial mask to mitigate some of the smoke if desired.


All reservations are subject to Standard, Moderate or Firm Cancellation Policy. The Cancellation Policy will appear at checkout.

All bookings are payable via Stripe (Booking Checkout) or PayPal. Confirmations regarding your booking will be sent at least 10 days before your activity date.


Is the food safe to eat?

While some Japanese delicacies such as fugu (blowfish) and horse sashimi may be strange or bizarre to other nationals, Japanese restaurants have been specializing and serving these foods since before the Edo period. However, we strongly advise anyone who has any dietary restrictions to take all necessary precautions in this tour. There may be some reaction to foods that one has never experienced (this is the guest’s discretion), but for many Japanese locals, these types of food may not be anything out of the ordinary.







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