Geisha Transformation



  • Experience how geisha prepare their makeup and dress in kimono with the help of an authentic and certified geisha in Tokyo. Unlike other geisha or maiko makeover experiences, you’ll actually be able to learn from a real Tokyo geisha on how they get ready, converse and take photos with them, as well as have a photo session in the geisha kimono and makeup yourself.
  • Arrive at the geisha house by 10:30 AM where you will be greeted by your instructor, a certified Tokyo geisha. In this two hour makeover session, you will learn about how geisha dress in kimono (and the significance of the attire), put on accessories, wear makeup and put your hair up during the transformation process as a geisha—all with the help of your personal instructor and real-life geisha.
  • This is a rare opportunity to get close to a geisha where you can ask any questions about geisha culture, as well as see the entire process of how a geisha will get ready for an ozashiki (event with geisha present), which normally takes over an hour to get ready.
  • After you’ve completed your transformation, you will be able to take photos with your own camera and with the help of the geisha (or by a professional photographer if option is selected) in front of traditional Japanese backgrounds and with the use of props such as umbrellas, fans and other hand props. During this time, you may also take photos with your mentor, the geisha who helped you get ready. Capture the memories with your camera and show the proof to all your friends that you got dressed with a geisha for a day!
  • Note:
    • Professional photography is available as an add-on at the time of booking.
    • For the geisha makeover, there is an option to wear a wig (if dressed as geisha) or to have your own hair combed (if dressed as hangyoku/maiko, also known as training geisha).
    • The experience is available for women and men (the original geisha in Japan were men) and children 10 years and older.
    • Hair dressing: For guests who have dreadlocks or other hairstyles that cannot be combed through, please tell us at the time of your booking so that we can prepare in advance for this case. The staff at the venue may dress the guest with a wig instead of combing the guest’s hair. For cases of multiple guests in one session, some wigs may be used again (the inside will be wiped before a second guest would use it on the same day).

  Availability: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 10:30 to 12:30 PM (2 hours)

  Location: Omori, Tokyo (location is a 5-minute walk from Omori Station)
–     The directions to the venue will be provided after booking.


  • Geisha Makeover (Feminine Kimono, Makeup & Hair):
    • Women: 16,500 JPY
    • Men: 16,500 JPY
    • Children over 10 years of age (girls): 16,500 JPY
  • Kimono Dressing (Kimono only, No Makeup & Hair):
    • Men: 9800 JPY
    • Children over 10 years of age (girls and boys): 9800 JPY
  • Add-on (professional photographer): +11000 JPY to any package

Add-on: 6-Hour Private Tokyo Tour:

  • 2 or more people: 16,500 JPY per person
  • 1 person: 33,000 JPY per person

The 6-Hour Private Tokyo Tour will include an English-speaking guide. This tour can be conducted after the Geisha event from 12:30 PM to 6:30 PM. Public transportation costs are included. Admission fee or other optional activity fees for guests and tour guides are not included.


  • One drink
  • English guide and information
  • Kimono rental
  • Hair & make-up (if applicable)
  • Photo opportunities and more

Additional Information


Guests may dress casually to the venue, but we do ask that guests dress appropriately in the presence of geisha. Guests should also bring a tank top/ t-shirt and shorts to wear under the kimono. Socks are also required for tatami mat rooms.


The venue is non-smoking; however, there are designated areas outside for those who would like to smoke.

Age Requirement

Age 10 and older


All bookings are payable via Stripe (Booking Checkout) or PayPal. Confirmations regarding your booking will be sent at least 10 days before your activity date.

Cancellation Policy

Standard Cancellation Policy:

  • We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 7 days or less before event
  • We will charge a cancellation fee of 50% if booking is cancelled 14 days or less before event
  • We will charge a cancellation fee of 25% if booking is cancelled 20 days or less before event


What is a geisha?

The term, “geisha,” literally means “a person of art,” and the first character, “gei” means “technique,” which is representative of the highly-trained profession of a geisha to mastering the art of music, dance, and entertainment. Traditional entertainment typically provided by geisha includes traditional dances in exquisite kimono, games, and conversation at exclusive establishments, such as ryokan or ryotei. It takes many years of study and practice to train as a geisha and most geisha dedicate their whole lives to mastering the art.

Since the Edo period, the geisha has been iconic to Japan and even to this day, the geisha world is highly mysterious and exclusive, as requesting a geisha’s services require an introduction or referral from an existing customer or venue.

What makes Japan Awaits (JA) different?

Unlike other companies, JA wants guests to experience the most authentic Japanese experiences. Geisha are known for their acuity and wisdom-training from a young age to be able to carry any type of conversation; traditionally, geisha were known for having a vital voice in politics as many political meetings involved the accompaniment of geisha and they had the ability to intellectually hold debates, influencing laws and policies in Japan. Thus, JA want our guests to experience what it truly means to be in the presence of a geisha, through dance, song and conversation.



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