Tokyo Marriage Proposal Planning



The Tokyo Marriage Proposal Planning is a unique and customizable proposal event organized by Japan Awaits that includes a photographer, on-site coordinator, bouquet of flowers and more to make your engagement special.

Looking to plan the perfect proposal, but don’t know how to pop the question? Let us help you organize and arrange everything for your engagement in Tokyo!

This customizable proposal event will include a specialized event coordinator in Tokyo who will work with you on organizing the perfect surprise proposal. Based on your interests and preferences, our proposal experts will create personalized proposal ideas and will work closely with you to finalize the ideal proposal for you and your partner. Our proposal experts will scout the locations, make arrangements, book the vendors and venues, and all you have to do is show up on the date and time of the proposal!

This package will include the customized itinerary and plans for the proposal, an events coordinator that will be present during the proposal, a photographer who will capture the special moment, and a bouquet of flowers that will be ready for your partner at the location. Optional add-on options, admission tickets, restaurant bookings, etc. are available at an additional cost when requested during the planning process.

Availability: Availability provided upon request

Location: Varies

–     Starting at ¥175,000

Add-on options:

  • Personalized lab-grown diamond wedding ring making experience (starting at 700,000 JPY for 2 carat diamond ring)
  • 4-Hour Private Tokyo Tour with tour guide for 2 people (starting at 12,500 JPY per person with public transportation)
  • Geisha dinner for 2 people (starting at 45,000 JPY per person)
  • Helicopter tour for 2 people (starting at 60,000 JPY per person)


  • Customized itinerary and plans for the proposal coordinated in advance
  • On-site events coordinator that will be present during the proposal
  • Photography opportunity with photographer who will capture the special moment (45 minutes)
  • Bouquet of flowers (color options available)

Additional Information

The booking time

Please make bookings at least two months prior to the proposal date so we have enough time to plan. Once the itinerary is arranged with the event coordinator, this booking cannot be refunded.

Cancellation Policy:

Strict Cancellation Policy:

We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 45 days or less before event


Why offer this service?

As a tour operator and events company, Japan Awaits has had many requests from visitors and guests to plan custom events such as engagement parties, surprise marriage proposals, and destination weddings. To make these events special for guests traveling from overseas, we are offering these services to make these moments in Japan unforgettable.

How much planning will I need to do?

We will plan the proposal for you based on your needs and preferences. We will send you a list of questions and we’ll work with you on narrowing down your options. Once your itinerary is set, we’ll make the arrangements and reservations on your behalf. All you’ll need to do is bring yourself and your partner to the designated location on the date and time of the proposal.

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