Real Life Pokemon Theme Park in Tokyo

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Now’s your chance to catch ’em all!

Pokémon Wonder is a brand-new 48,000-square-foot outdoor adventure for Pokémon lovers to search for their favorite Pokémon characters in real life.

Pokémon Wonder is located within an undisclosed and untouched natural area deep inside Yomiuriland, an amusement park in Inaki City, Tokyo. Attendees (aka Pokémon masters) may wander around the forest for handcrafted Pokémon created from leaves and acorns. Attendees will be given an ‘orientation’ before being handed a series of hints in a natural region previously inaccessible via the park. This adventure is similar to Niantic’s Pokemon Go, which relies heavily on walking. Participants will become Pokemon researchers, reading clues and searching for Pokemon over the course of 90 minutes.

Pokemon originated from the author, Satoshi Tajiri, who had an enthusiasm with bug-collecting as a child. In 1996, he took that enthusiasm when he became an adult and created what we now know as one of the most popular anime and game series in the world. After the success of the mobile game, Pokemon Go, several renowned creators have come together to bring this fun and addictive concept to life.

The masterminds behind this event is Keiichi Motoyama (creative director of Six and most notable for his work on the Pokémon GO global trailer, and Pokemon Sword and Shield), and Ryogo Matsumaru (creator of Todai Nazotore book series and CEO of mystery creation company Riddler). Ultimately, their goal is to bring Pokemon to life by creating a fun and interactive event, allowing guests to solve puzzles and mysteries while being in nature.

Bookings are available until the 3rd of April, 2022. Eager fans can book a 90-minute slot for up to six people to participate in a ‘nature adventure’ at

Tickets start at 4,900 yen for adults and 1,800 yen for children.