Japan to reopen borders to travelers worldwide starting in October

Jessica Tram Border, Events, News

Japan is loosening its restrictions for inbound travelers. So who is allowed to enter Japan now?

Due to the dramatic surge of COVID-19 infection numbers, Japan has closed its border to 159 countries and regions around the world. This entry ban has proven to significantly lower the number of COVID-19 cases in Japan within the last few months.

With the surge of COVID-19 cases under control, Japan began allowing business travelers from some Asian countries (including Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore) in the last few months to visit Japan if they meet certain conditions, such as providing negative COVID-19 test results prior to entry.

Most recently, there have been reports that the Japanese government will begin to reopen its borders by loosening entry restrictions with all countries around the world starting in October. This will allow foreigners with long-term and permanent resident status who traveled outside Japan from the start of the pandemic until now to finally return to the country. Others allowed to return to Japan include foreign students who are not on government grants, those participating in medical faculty and cultural activities, along with athletes.

While there has been reports of the loosening of travel restrictions, the current situation of COVID-19 would need to be re-evaluated by the Japanese government before a final decision will be made. If the government does open its borders to all countries in October as anticipated, there will be a limit of 1000 people permitted to enter each day. Those who are permitted to travel and stay in Japan must also quarantine for two weeks before being out in the general public. Unfortunately, this new eased ban does not apply to tourists who plan to go sightseeing and will stay in Japan for less than 90 days.

Stay tuned as Japan continues to reopen its borders to travelers. Traveling to Japan is just on the horizon!