Do you want to stay at a centrally-located hotel in Tokyo for free?

Jessica Tram Events, News

Due to the COVID pandemic, there has been a dramatic drop-off in travel this year. Hotels are among the worst hit in the tourism industry with very few international tourists and business travelers staying overnight.

Hotel New Shohei is one of the many hotels in Japan that has been vacant for the past half a year. The hotel is just a three-minute walk from Tokyo Yotsuya Station and has direct access to the city center, Shinjuku District, as well as many other popular attractions in Tokyo. Rather than let every room sit empty, the management of this hotel has made a bold decision to open up the hotel for free night stays to guests.

What’s the catch, you ask? In exchange for a free night’s stay, all guests have to do is write about their experience on social media. It does not have to be a long and glowing review as there are no requirements regarding the content or length. There are no caveats attached (other than the guest must be a solo traveler), and these guests will have the same access and privileges as paying guests. Guests can enjoy free coffee, juice and even alcoholic beverages at the lobby, or a complimentary plate of mackerel sashimi upon your request.

This free stay campaign has been a brilliant marketing and branding move for Hotel New Shohei. There has already been multiple publications promoting their free stays, including this article we’re writing now. Contact the hotel and take advantage of this offer before it’s all booked up!