Japan continues to lift entry restrictions to oversea travelers this month

Jessica Tram Border, Events, News

Since the beginning of October, Japan has re-opened its border to business travelers and non-citizens that reside in Japan for work or for school. Those who are allowed to enter must go into a 14-day quarantine on arrival. However, this policy should change towards the end of this month (October).

Business travelers do not have to undergo a 14-day isolation or quarantine on arrival if they submit a detailed plan to the airport quaratine office about their movements for the next two weeks, as well as information on their accomodation and workplace. Japan has already applied this policy for Singaporeans entering Japan, and plans to do the same for South Koreans from the end of October. There are a number of other countries that this new policy will soon apply to. With this new policy, Japan is expecting to boost their international business activity in the recent months to come.

Another good news for prospective tourists from around the world is that Japan is hoping to welcome all international travellers again by April 2021. Government officials revealed that they are setting up new safety measurements for oversea visitors by January of next year (2021). The COVID-19 countermeasures include a health management app and a dedicated “Fever Health Consultation Support Center”. For those who wish to visit Japan, downloading the health management app is obligatory and visitors must obtain a coronavirus-negative test certificate before their departure to Japan. Visitors whose test result is negative upon arrival will not be required to quarantine. They would just need to report their health status through the app for 14 days. In contrast, people that do test positive will be required to obtain private medical insurance and may have their health monitored.

These new measurements will likely be in place within the next few months, and Japan hopes to start the trial and lift the entry ban for foreign guests by April 2021. However, the government stated that there are currently many unresolved issues with these new measures such as assurance on correct app usage, the number of people allowed in during Olympics (in the summer of 2021) or whether limits should be applied on tourist activities in Japan. Nonetheless, these new measures are exciting news for foreigners who are looking to visit Japan again.