How to Book Geisha in Japan

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Geisha, also known as geiko, are iconic to Japan. Although they have been around since the Edo period, some 400 years ago, geisha are still as mysterious and alluring to locals and foreigners alike to this day. That’s because of the complex referral system that the geisha operates in; unless the person interested in booking geisha is referred by an existing customer or establishment, it is virtually impossible to book geisha.

Traditionally, geisha are reserved for the most wealthy and powerful clients, as geisha often accompany political members or prominent businessmen. However, there are still a few ways visitors and tourists can meet geisha.

Here are a few opportunities to see or book geisha.

Join a Group Tour or Event

Booking geisha is quite expensive and difficult unless you know someone or a place that hosts geisha. At Japan Awaits, we work exclusively with local hanamachi, or geisha quarters, to book group dinners, tours or events for visitors to learn more about geisha and experience the true culture of Japan. Group events are generally a cheaper and more affordable option to see geisha.

  1. The Geisha Experience is a dinner that takes place at least once a week that features some of the most popular and well-known geisha in their area. At least two to three geisha attend the dinner to host 12 or more guests from around the world. The Geisha Experience is perfect for people who are profoundly interested in traditional Japanese culture, as the setting will be in a traditional Japanese restaurant with Japanese fine-dining. The event will also introduce geisha, their history and the importance of preserving the geisha culture in Japan.
  2. Special Geisha Events include geisha that are invited to special occasions or gatherings. For an exquisite and different New Year’s Eve experience or to celebrate a major Japanese holiday with geisha, see what Japan Awaits has to offer in our special events calendar!
  3. Tea Ceremony events are a traditional tea pouring ceremony performed by geisha at traditional Japanese venues. Groups of more than 12 people can book a tea ceremony in the afternoon, based on geisha availability.

Book a Private Event with Geisha

Interested in seeing geisha on your own? Book geisha for a special private event at a time that’s most convenient for you. The Private Events booked through Japan Awaits is a great deal! For 6 people for a private dinner, the cost is less than attending a group Geisha Experience dinner and you get alone time to ask all the questions you want (with one geisha)!

For questions regarding any geisha bookings, contact Japan Awaits at

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