Top 5 of the Best Sunrise Spots in Japan

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In Japan, culturally, it is believed that a kami (deity or spirit) resides in mountains, oceans and all things related to nature. It is also believed that Toshigami (a Shinto deity of the new year) is present during the first sunrise of each year. Worshipping the first sunrise is equivalent to praying for the harvest and happiness for the entire year. Therefore, many people will try to see the sunrise in the most beautiful and scenic locations around Japan.

Top 10 Autumn Color Spots in Tokyo

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Do you want to see the autumn foliage in Tokyo? Here are the top 10 spots and the dates to see autumn colors (koyo) in Tokyo! The dates listed are projected based on the best viewing on average from the last few years.

How to Book Geisha in Japan

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Geisha, also known as geiko, are iconic to Japan. Although they have been around since the Edo period, some 400 years ago, geisha are still as mysterious and alluring to locals and foreigners alike to this day.